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Green Phenix: Plastic Diet Challenge


Last month, Green Phenix encouraged the public to participate in the plastic diet challenge. Learn more about Green Phenix here. Week One: Zero Waste Grocery Shopping Challenge. Say goodbye to single-use plastics at the grocery store! Week Two: Break up with plastic bottles! Commit to reusable water bottles and containers. Week Three: BYOC (Bring Your Own Container) Food Adventure Embrace your inner foodie and reduce single-use plastic by bringing your own container when you get take-out or shop for groceries. Week Four: Utensil and Container Swap Bid farewell to single-use plastic utensils and food containers!

Green Phenix: Plastic Diet Challenge2023-10-12T12:21:52-07:00

The Sargassum Podcast: New Episode


The Sargassum Podcast enables knowledge exchange between experts and different local communities, hoping to inspire local solutions to this international challenge. Listen to this episode where Sabine and Jessica discuss sargassum’s effect on Bonaire’s marine ecosystems. Listen Here... #Sargassum #Biodiversity  

The Sargassum Podcast: New Episode2023-10-12T12:50:21-07:00

Plastic collection drive yields interesting results in Curaçao!


Did you know that different parts of the same island can have completely different types of plastic trash?   In Curaçao, the RESEMBID - funded project carried out by  Green Phenix  is aimed at reducing the amount of plastic pollution that ends up in the marine environment.   The data collected with the Litterati app showed significant differences between the Leeward and the Windward side beaches of the island. On the Leeward side, most items were left by consumers on Curacao, such as bottles, cigarette butts and bottle caps. On the Windward side, there was an accumulation of litter that is [...]

Plastic collection drive yields interesting results in Curaçao!2023-08-21T03:03:09-07:00

Queen Conch breeding season in Curaçao has started!


From the end of June to the beginning of September, the Queen Conch, or the well-known Karkó, are actively breeding! The warmer temperatures during the summer months signal the Karkó to actively seek out partners to mate with. In the Queen Conch Hatchery Curaçao, they give the Karkó a helping hand to find each other. Read more about the Breeding Conch/Karkó in Curaçao project here.

Queen Conch breeding season in Curaçao has started!2023-09-28T10:21:41-07:00

Today at Klein Curaçao…


Share your insights while discussing sustainable strategies and solutions to achieve a greener future for Curaçao. Join the Klein Curaçao team for their second Climate Change Session. More information here. #KleinCuraçao #ClimateChange #RamsarSite

Today at Klein Curaçao…2023-10-05T13:39:53-07:00

Effective coastal and marine management in the British Virgin Islands with €927,980 RESEMBID grant


The Ministry of Natural Resources, Labour and Immigration of the British Virgin Islands has received a EUR927,980 grant to improve the country’s water quality testing capabilities. Under RESEMBID’s Marine Biodiversity portfolio, the project seeks to address the limitations that exist within the the BVI’s water quality monitoring programme. The project will enhance the Ministry’s capacity to collect, warehouse and analyze water quality data, to inform better environmental management and spatial planning decisions. Read more about this important project here!

Effective coastal and marine management in the British Virgin Islands with €927,980 RESEMBID grant2023-08-10T11:35:11-07:00

Internships, jobs and training in the Cayman Islands made possible by RESEMBID grant


Eight months after signing up to courses in either renewable energy, sustainable construction, information and communications technology (ICT), and tourism and hospitality, formerly unemployed Caymanians are now immersed in internships and job placements in these areas.   Led by the University College of the Cayman islands, the project utilises a grant of EUR432,210 to ensure that the 52 participants receive accredited certification, training and valuable sessions with potential employers.   Read more  here  about the transformative work by the UCCI  in the Cayman Islands!

Internships, jobs and training in the Cayman Islands made possible by RESEMBID grant2023-08-21T03:18:50-07:00

RESEMBID celebrates International Women’s Day 2023


Today, we commemorate International Women's Day by reinforcing our commitment to #EmbraceEquity. At RESEMBID, we support the call to go beyond equal opportunities and embrace equity, taking into account that people start from different places. True inclusion means levelling the playing fields for everyone. Today, and every day, we give equitable support to the 12 Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) and 48 projects under the RESEMBID umbrella. #InternationalWomensDay #IWD2023 #Inclusion #Opportunites #Equity

RESEMBID celebrates International Women’s Day 20232023-08-10T11:38:02-07:00

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