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The Sargassum Podcast: New Episode


The Sargassum Podcast enables knowledge exchange between experts and different local communities, hoping to inspire local solutions to this international challenge. Listen to this episode where Sabine and Jessica discuss sargassum’s effect on Bonaire’s marine ecosystems. Listen Here... #Sargassum #Biodiversity  

The Sargassum Podcast: New Episode2023-10-12T12:50:21-07:00

Queen Conch breeding season in Curaçao has started!


From the end of June to the beginning of September, the Queen Conch, or the well-known Karkó, are actively breeding! The warmer temperatures during the summer months signal the Karkó to actively seek out partners to mate with. In the Queen Conch Hatchery Curaçao, they give the Karkó a helping hand to find each other. Read more about the Breeding Conch/Karkó in Curaçao project here.

Queen Conch breeding season in Curaçao has started!2023-09-28T10:21:41-07:00

Effective coastal and marine management in the British Virgin Islands with €927,980 RESEMBID grant


The Ministry of Natural Resources, Labour and Immigration of the British Virgin Islands has received a EUR927,980 grant to improve the country’s water quality testing capabilities. Under RESEMBID’s Marine Biodiversity portfolio, the project seeks to address the limitations that exist within the the BVI’s water quality monitoring programme. The project will enhance the Ministry’s capacity to collect, warehouse and analyze water quality data, to inform better environmental management and spatial planning decisions. Read more about this important project here!

Effective coastal and marine management in the British Virgin Islands with €927,980 RESEMBID grant2023-08-10T11:35:11-07:00

Transforming Anguilla’s Marine Parks


Recently a high-level Expertise France and RESEMBID delegation visited two of Anguilla’s famous marine parks which will be part of the EUR587,024 RESEMBID project: “Transforming Anguilla’s Marine Parks: Institutionalising Sustainable and Collaborative Management Solutions”  which will be implemented over 16 months by the Anguilla National Trust in partnership with the Department of Natural Resources Fisheries and Marine Resources Unit and Blue Finance. The objective is to formalise a co-management arrangement between the Government of Anguilla and the multi-shareholder Management Planning Committee, to develop evidence-based management plans, and identify and develop sustainable financial tools to support long-term management plan implementation for the benefit [...]

Transforming Anguilla’s Marine Parks2023-08-10T11:43:26-07:00

Project Spotlight


Reef Managers in the Caribbean will have a chance to explore tangible coral reef adaptation methods to preserve corals based on the research being done by the CCMI. Expert staff at the CCMI will be doing research on increasing coral reef resilience through selective restoration using stress tolerant corals. Follow them on social media when they go LIVE under water to speak of their findings from this research that will also be shared regionally!

Project Spotlight2023-08-10T11:45:48-07:00

Project Spotlight


Beautiful Lac Bay in Bonaire provides recreation and livelihood for residents and tourists. This 13-month project led by Stichting Nationale Parken Bonaire (STINAPA) and funded by RESEMBID will help in five key areas: 1- restore coral and seagrass habitats 2- promote sustainable recreation 3- enforce environmental regulations 4- monitoring ecological processes 5- ensuring sustainable financing strategies for the area. The project activities will help to reduce vulnerability to external shocks such as climate change.

Project Spotlight2023-08-10T11:46:27-07:00

Project Spotlight


Anguilla is taking the lead to strengthen the sustainable management of six of its Marine Parks through the formalisation of co-management arrangements between the Government and key stakeholders. Soon, Anguilla’s marine park system will be transformed from paper park status to an effective, financially- sustainable network!

Project Spotlight2023-08-10T11:46:57-07:00

Marine Biodiversity is our heritage, we have to protect it!


How do we support Marine Biodiversity ? Marine ecosystems provide critical services to the people of the OCTs. Without adequate protection, conservation, restoration, and sustainable management of marine ecosystems, these services will no longer be able to withstand the increasing pressures from climate change and growing demands on marine resources from increasing populations and tourists visiting the islands. RESEMBID is taking a holistic, people and environment-centred approach to its marine biodiversity programming, by: • putting the OCTs’ diverse Marine Biodiversity stakeholders at the centre of all activities and initiatives, • using applied science to help provide evidence for improved policies, planning [...]

Marine Biodiversity is our heritage, we have to protect it!2023-08-10T11:48:15-07:00

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