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Internships, jobs and training in the Cayman Islands made possible by RESEMBID grant


Eight months after signing up to courses in either renewable energy, sustainable construction, information and communications technology (ICT), and tourism and hospitality, formerly unemployed Caymanians are now immersed in internships and job placements in these areas.   Led by the University College of the Cayman islands, the project utilises a grant of EUR432,210 to ensure that the 52 participants receive accredited certification, training and valuable sessions with potential employers.   Read more  here  about the transformative work by the UCCI  in the Cayman Islands!

Internships, jobs and training in the Cayman Islands made possible by RESEMBID grant2023-08-21T03:18:50-07:00

Turks and Caicos’ future looks bright with over 100 streetlights!


 The Turks and Caicos government is adding over a hundred hurricane resilient streetlights to the country’s roads and communities through its Resilience, Sustainable Energy and Marine Biodiversity Programme (RESEMBID) partnership. Of the one hundred and forty (140) streetlights, North Caicos will get twenty-five (25); Middle Caicos fifteen (15); South Caicos will get twenty (20); Grand Turk thirty (30); Salt Cay ten (10) and Providenciales will have (40) of the lights installed. Read more about this brilliant project at

Turks and Caicos’ future looks bright with over 100 streetlights!2023-08-10T11:39:05-07:00

Project Spotlight


This project supports the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) in their recovery of post-COVID19 Cayman islands through the upskilling and retool of underemployed or unemployed Caymanians for alternative employment opportunities in-line with government revitilisation priorities. Fifty-five Caymanians will participate in a multi-pronged 16-month training programme which is informed by a Workforce Needs Assessment undertaken in partnership with the Cayman government and private sector. Areas include Sustainable Construction, ICT, Tourism Management and Solar PV installation.

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Sustainable energy is the key!


How do we support sustainable Energy? Though many Caribbean OCTs have made significant strides in reducing their fossil fuel dependency, energy rates remain high in the region. RESEMBID seeks to support their thrust to deliver resilient energy services to their respective local populations – which means : • increased capacity and competency of the people of the OCTs to utilize and maintain innovative technologies • contributing to low carbon development locally and regionally. RESEMBID will: • provide substantive technical assistance through multiple channels including the provision of technical training in energy efficiency and renewable energy • commission feasibility studies and commission [...]

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