The RESEMBID visual identity is expressed in four distinct colors which were chosen to complement the personality, corporate culture and aims of the programme and to help the programme tell its brand story as a dynamic, energetic and impactful way. The four colors are applied across the two main elements of the brand’s logo:

  • Element 1: The brand wordmark (RESEMBID acronym)
  • Element 2: The stylized globe represented as 12 interlocking, curved lines in three color groups.

Icon Color Story: Maroon, Blue & Green

RESEMBID supports the sustainable human development efforts of the 12 Caribbean OCTs of Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Montserrat, Turks and Caicos Islands, Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint Eustatius, Sint Maarten, and Saint Barthélemy – each of which has its own national colors and its own emotional connection to various color combinations and hues. RESEMBID’s color story took into consideration the need for the visual identity to appeal to all stakeholders while at the same time, not adopting any recognized color scheme of any of the 12 represented OCTs. RESEMBID’s 12 OCTs are represented stylistically in RESEMID’s logo by 12 curved, interlocking lines. These 12 lines are grouped into three groups of four lines, with each group representing one of RESEMBID’s thematic priorities of Resilience (represented by the color maroon), Sustainable Energy (represented by the color blue), and Marine Biodiversity (represented by the color green).

Maroon: The color maroon often represents confidence, courage, strength. These attributes associated with the color maroon make it a well-suited representation of the thematic priority of resilience.

Blue: Blue is known as a color of trust, and is one that projects dependability and security. These are all attributes that are reflected in sustainable energy. As a form of energy that can be utilized again and again, this reliable energy source is well represented by the color blue.

Green: The soothing, relaxing color green, which is the dominant color of nature, enhances stability and endurance. Connectivity and the protection of our ecosystems foster balance and stability in the ocean. The attributes associated with the color green make it a suitable color to represent the thematic priority of Marine Biodiversity.

Wordmark Color Story: Light Grey

The typeface of RESEMBID’s logo wordmark is represented in a light grey to symbolize the important and serious nature of the programme. The light grey is noticeably more approachable than a stark black color scheme and complements the wordmark’s approachable and friendly lower-case treatment of the acronym.